The Evangelical work of Jesus Cares Ministries was started in 1999 at Austin Town in Bangalore.

The Ministry was formally registered with the Government of India in January 2000 with Pastor Godwin Robert a Bible College Graduate as it’s Founder President.

JCM-AboutEver since, Jesus Cares Ministries has been active in the areas of :
Evangelization under the Banner of Eternal Life Fellowship
Social Service by the ways of
Extending financial support to poor children and children of Aids victims for education purposes.
Helping destitute women.
Ministering to old people who have no support / been abandoned by their loved ones.
Counseling Alcoholics.
Counseling Ex-convicts.

It is our endeavour at JCM to not only Preach The Word but also to Do The Work and it is in this context the following report on the activities of this Ministry is prepared. We pray that our Lord and Master Jesus Christ will minister to the people who read this report, to be able to support this ministry in whatever way possible.