The Eternal Life Fellowship Church, in Bangalore, is a family of believers rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, with the aim of knowing and making the gospel known.

The Eternal Life Fellowship Church was planted as a seed  in the heart of Rev. Ps. Godwin Robert, when He felt moved in his spirit towards a calling to the ministry of The Lord. The Evangelical work of the church was thus born and started back in the year 1999 using the local library in the area as the place of gathering with no more than 15 members at the time in Austin Town, Bangalore. The Ministry was formally registered with the Government of India in January 2000, and has since experienced tremendous growth.

As the body without the spirit is dead, so a faith without work is dead.

To be a follower of Jesus Christ, is to follow his teachings, in both words and in deeds. It is with this belief that The Eternal Life Fellowship Church strives to walk the path of Christ in both word and action.

The work of the ministry extends past the four walls of the church and includes the supporting of the spread of the gospel in villages by upholding men and women of God in the area,  providing scholarships to children who are in need, extending financial support to the physically challenged, aiding in the support of destitute women, lending support in the form on counsel and rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts and reaching out to ex-convict with the gospel.