Rev. Ps. Godwin Robert

Senior Pastor

Born and raised in Kotagiri, a small town located in the Nilgiris, Godwin felt a calling in his heart towards the ministry of The Lord at a tender age. He has since graduated from bible school and has been facilitated with honorary degrees. As the senior pastor at the Eternal Life Fellowship Church, Godwin is responsible for shepherding and mentoring the congregation that has been entrusted to him. Preaching and teaching the word of God with a passion and zeal is the core of his calling, however, ask him about his passion, and he will reveal a love for the aged and abandoned.

Sabrina Godwin – Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor

Being the senior pastor's wife,  it is only fitting that Sabrina is the associate pastor of the Eternal Life Fellowship Church.  Born and raised in the City of Bangalore, Sabrina plays the role of a Spiritual mother to the people of the church. When she is not preaching from the pulpit, you are sure to find her counselling, encouraging and comforting those around her.  Sabrina also serves as the head of the children's ministry.