Mens-FellowshipThe Eternal Life Fellowship Church Men’s Fellowship group is comprised of men who are members and friends of the ELF Church. We are drawn together by our shared faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, our shared recognition of Him as our Lord, and our shared desire to do His will in our daily lives, in and through His church.
We meet twice in a month on Saturday to worship and fellowship together, and at the men’s meeting we offer a chance to discuss issues relating to how Christian men are perceived in the world today.
Following are the point we get to discuss:
  • What is our role within the family unit?
  • Are we really the head of the household and if so, what do we do with that responsibility?
  • What about being a Christian man in the workplace?
  • Why is the Bible still cutting-edge and so relevant to today’s living?
  • What can we, as men, do to bring more people into the kingdom?
  • Can we really be fishers of Men?
In all we do together, our constant aim is to grow in our faith, love, and witness as Christian disciples, to grow closer together as Christian brothers, and to encourage and build up one another and all whom we encounter to grow in their faith-walk with Christ as well.
We warmly invite and gladly welcome any and all men of all ages and backgrounds who desire to join us in this mission. Please feel free to contact our Pastor Godwin Robert- cell- or our Office, with any questions you may have. Or, please just come to any of our upcoming meetings. We look forward to seeing you! God Bless