Church History
The Evangelical work of Jesus Cares Ministries was started in 1999 at Austin Town in Bangalore. The Ministry was formally registered with the Government of India in January,2000 with Pastor Godwin Robert a Bible College Graduate as it’s Founder President.
It is our endeavour at JCM to not only Preach The Word but also to Do The Work and it is in this context the following report on the activities of this Ministry is prepared. We pray that our Lord and Master Jesus Christ will minister to the people who read this report, to be able to support this ministry in whatever way possible.
First Church in Bangalore
In February 1999 the maid at the office where Sabrina works, had approached her regarding her brother Hari . Hari was involved in an accident that killed his friend on the spot and left Hari in a coma. After desperately trying at various hospitals to heal him, Hari was sent home to die. It was at this time that Pastor Godwin and Sabrina visited Hari’s house where we saw him lie naked on the floor. By the Grace of our Almighty God, Hari was healed and accepted the Lord Jesus as His Saviour. His wife Kala who deserted him with their three children returned to him and the two of them were the first people to be baptized by Pastor Godwin Robert.
Ever since by our Lord’s grace we have continued to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people living in and around John’s house. With our limited resources we were able to rent a small Reading Room in the locality where John lives (which is about 13 kilometers away from our house) and continued to fellowship at this place, till we were asked to vacate by the local City Corporation.
Although we were without a place for Worship, we continued to gather in different Believer’s houses every Sunday for Worship and on Wednesdays for Bible Study.
Till in October 2002 the Lord in His Grace provided us with a place for Worship, which is very near our house. This Hall was inaugurated by our then City Police Commissioner, Mr.H.T.Sangliana who is a devout Christian. The Lord had provided us with the finance to be able to rent this hall as well as hire a van to bring the Believers from Austin Town (where John lives).
By the Grace of our Lord, we were also able to minister to people living in and around the locality where we live and we now have three Worship Services on a Sunday as well as various Prayer Cells started. The lease for this building expires in October 2003 and we are now again faced with the problem of a place for Worship. Please pray that the Lord will provide for us a permanent place for Worship.