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Chef Kidd’s Funagrettes

by Bernardo

You’ve been there before, in fact time and time again, the same scene occurs every night between 5 and 6pm. The whole family is seated around the dining table, you bring out the salad and the kids scurry in every direction! Ok maybe they don’t scurry  but they do cover their plates or make that weird face they make, kinda like when you have a sour ball in your mouth…yep that face.

As parents we WANT our kids to eat healthy and get in as many veggies per day as possible. Chef Kidd’s wants to help you do that! They have deliciously fun vinaigrette that they actually call Funagrettes!  With flavors that are interestingly delicious, you will find your children asking for more veggies!

All of the funagrettes contain no GMO, low sodium, gluten free, no trans fats, bpa-free packaging, and are all naturally sweetened with honey.

Let’s check them out!

Honey Berry Funagrette

Want to kick your grilled chicken salad up a notch and ensure your kids will ask for more? Then you need to give honey berry a try! A little sweet, a little sour, it’s just perfect!

Cheesy Pizza Funagrette

All I’m thinking about is broccoli and cheese! This funagrette makes a delicious dip too!

Cocoa Berry

Another fun dip idea. This one can go great with berries and other tart fruits.


Ok now this is perfect for a banana nut salad, or just to dip your celery in.

Lime Rickey

Melon salad anyone? Some grilled chicken with a wilted romaine lettuce? The possibilities are endless when Funagrettes are involved!

These five different flavors can truly transform not only your fruits an d veggies, but will also help expand your child’s taste buds! I honestly think it’s better to start early than to harness the picky eater. So go by Chef Kidd’s Motto and “Turn “Yucks” into “Yums!”

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